Monday, April 16, 2007

Do I need another blog?

I honestly never thought I would be a blogger.

As much as I heart myself, I am also acutely aware that others might not give a flying frog poop about what I have to say. They still might not. However, I decided to create this blog, solely for the purpose of running stories, info and sharing.

What do I have to share that is different from hundreds of others who may have been running longer and/or faster? Well, few, if any of them, ran 52 consecutive weekly marathons last year. And to me, the knowledge I gained in my crash course of marathoning would be useless if I did not share it with others . And as I tackle my first 100 miler this June, put forth serious effort to crush all my PRs in every distance, which will happen given the fact that

1. I am in so much better shape now then I was for most of those PRs.

2. those PRs are not that fast!

I also want to show how you can train for, and compete well in, many different race distances at once. Will you excel at all of them? Probably not. But unless we are getting paid to do so, why concentrate on just one race? The racing world has so many distances and so many types of racing (adventure, trail, triathlons, etc.) that we should strive to taste them all.

And that is what I plan to do: share advice, hear advice and run, swim, climb, bike and probably crawl sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I am one of the many that have benefited from your running experiences. Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!


Unknown said...

Your blogs are always welcome!!!!