Friday, July 4, 2008

Sandy 10k Recap

A Runner's Ramblings: Volume 3; 8th Edition
169.6 miles raced in 2008
Race: Sandy 10k
Place: Sandy, UT
Miles from home: 20 miles
Weather: Sunny and 80s

I am not even sure this race deserves a recap. But since I don't write just about the good races, I guess it deserves some words.

Basically, I knew I was not in 10k shape. Telling NRFs (non-running friends) this confuses them. While I am definitely in marathon shape, the 6.2 miler is just not there. They say "but it is 25% of the distance" to which I retort "It seems 400% faster!"

Nevertheless, I wanted to race on the 4th and I had not done many 10ks in...well...ever. I have run 78 marathons but can only think of 6 separate 10ks I have run. And since my 10k time is begging to be smashed (as if just about every time under marathon) I figured it was ripe for plucking. Heck, after only being in SLC for 5 days I lowered my then 10k PR by some 40 seconds. I thought, I had a good chance at doing it again today.

However, this was not the case. The Sandy 10k course was two loops of a 5k route (supposedly) which were not really conducive to fast times. Lots of turns and a few risers in the first 1.5 miles told me it was going to be a tough day. When I went through the 5k in a 19:xx I was shocked. I knew I wasn't going to run fast but 19?!?

From there on, given some nagging injuries and much more important races this month, I just decided to stay with the status quo. I passed one guy around 4 miles and that is the way it stood for the rest of the race. Three guys in front of me stayed there and no one came close to passing me.

I finished in 39:50 and 7th overall. Here's the kicker: 7th overall was nice and everything but I finished 4th in my age group, one out of placing. Ouch. There really is no worse place than 4th.

Even though I was not doubting I was hardly in speedster shape, and I know I am not a speedster in the shorter distances even IF I was in speedster shape, something was amiss. I knew I was not feeling THAT slow today. So I went home and measured the course using my trusty Turns out the course measure nearly .20 longer than a 10k. Doesn't sound like a great deal until you realize that is a good 112 more seconds added to my time. When I heard the winner (as 32 low 10k runner) ran in 33 high, my feelings were confirmed. At least I was not AS slow as I thought I was!

It doesn't change the fact that there is a FAR cry between being in marathon shape and running a quick 10k. Every once in a while it is nice to get that sort of reminder.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

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