Monday, May 7, 2007

Brush with greatness

Even though I wanted to come home and pass out after work today, I knew I had to go for a little run. First it is what I do after a marathon. Second, I knew it would help me feel a little better as I came down with a touch of something this weekend. Finally, I needed to go down to the Georgetown Running Company to discuss some of the logistics of an idea that came to me last week (I am being intentionally vague because it might not be able to be pulled off and no reason getting into it right now).

So I shuffled my tired, sore butt down to GRC to talk things over with Ben, my go-to guy at the store. While discussing a few things about said idea, I also decided to try on some trail shoes for my upcoming 100 miler. Good thing because otherwise I would have left. Why is that good?

Well, mainly because I got to meet and briefly talk to (and get the autograph of) the current world record holder in the marathon, Paul Tergat!! He had come into the store to talk to one of the workers there and I was introduced to him. When told that I had done Fiddy2, he actually stopped writing his autograph and said: “Wow.”

That was one of the coolest words I had ever heard.


1L said...

Very cool, Dane! I met Steve Jones a couple of weeks ago - he didn't say "wow" aobut anything I did, but he was very low key and impressed that I knew who he was and what he did. However, for Paul Tergat to know Fiddy2 - that is cool.

How did Frederick go? I see you ended up in the top 20 so you must have accomplished your goal there.

Dane said...

He did not technically know what Fiddy2 was; more that he was impressed with what I did.

Frederick blog will be posted as soon as I get some final numbers on donations.

KK said...

Holy crap! How cool is that?! Too bad I didn't have time to get my sore butt down there.

Anne C said...

I know how psyched you were about this! Happy for you.