Saturday, September 15, 2007

Devon rocks the house

While Japan swept the Sweeps the 100k World Championships this past weekend (Shinichi Watanabe (6:23:21) and Norimi Sakuri (7:00:27, a new world record) lead the Japanese team to sweep both the Men's and Women's division) outstanding performances were had by many USA runners. Amongst them were Howard Nippert (8th), Greg Crowther (11th), Chad Ricklefs (17th), Kami Semick (9th), and Julie Udchachon (16th). Six of nine US runners clocked PRs, and the US Men's brought home the bronze!

However, my good friend , Devon Crosby-Helms, who makes me write about her every time she races by the sheer fact that she is just that good came in 15th overall. SO I just wanted to pass along kudos to Devon and also point you to her report here.

Enjoy and way to go Devon!

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