Friday, May 9, 2008

St. George Marathon

I am happy to announce that I was selected in the lottery to participate in the St. George Marathon this upcoming October 4. A marathon that is apparently suited to one of my best strengths (running downhill), St. George is one I am eagerly looking forward to running. So you can imagine I was quite pleased to see this today:

Here is a little sample of what I have in store for me. While there is indeed a massive downhill section to the race, I am quite aware of the doozy of an uphill at 7.5 and also again at 10. If I can get past those, a huge PR will be mine. Also, in the chart below, you will see the Ogden Marathon I will be doing next weekend as well as the Top Of Utah Marathon in Logan, UT which is also on my list of possibilities.

It will indeed be a challenge but one I am eager and ready to take on!

To those who were unfortunate enough to not make it in this year, I extend my condolences and hope you find a suitable fall alternative.


Anne C said...

Congrats! The perfect cap to a great day. Good luck!

1L said...

Congrats on your entrance to St. George . Guess what I got in too! Now I have to decide a) whether to come, and b) stay healthy and train!

Anonymous said...

I think you will enjoy this event. I have started and finished 11 times. Don't burn yourself out early, don't fight the hills, and learn to run backwards. This last one is really good for keeping your calves from locking up after the brutal down hill beginning at mile 20.