Monday, July 28, 2008

A run free weekend

Still quite sore and limping from the Des News Marathon on Thursday, I took the entire weekend off from running. This has not happened in quite some time.

And by "quite some time" I mean "I have no idea the last time I did such a thing as my record keeping of miles run goes back to 2005 and in no time in that span have I ever gone an ENTIRE weekend without running at least once". Obviously my explanations of simple phrases is long and involved.

Nevertheless, upon hitting the road again this morning, I was quite pleased to note that, while definitely FAR from "spry" I was feeling human again. In fact, with much on my mind, I found that once again running helped to calm me and put my mind in a good frame.

In a conversation with friends recently, we talked about how our non-running friends often ask us "What else do you do besides running?". In the calm of my post-run shower, I think I have my retort.

How can you possibly get through a day without it?

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