Friday, September 24, 2010

Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon

It is not going to happen for another thousand years. The date is 10.10.10.  Besides the symmetry of the number, which is beautiful in and of itself, is the ultra nerdy stuff people like myself love. you see, 101010 is not only redundant it is also binary for the number 42.  If it were 26 maybe you, my American readers would be more intrigued.  But for those who see distances in kilometers, 42 means a great deal.  Like the number of kilometers in a marathon.  So there is no way I am going to miss running a marathon on 10.10.10. 

Where am I heading? Well, I have decided to take part in the Inaugural Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon!

This will mark, not only the first time I have run a marathon in Kansas, bu the first time I have even set foot inside the Sunflower State. Eight years ago, on a cross-country drive from PA to Los Angeles on Interstate 44, I drove within .17 of a mile of the Kansas border. I almost thought of exiting on the Missouri side, driving a mile into Kansas and turning around again. But the moment was lost.  Now, nearly a decade later, I get to take part, not only as a runner, but also the featured speaker at the Pasta Dinner to welcome people to this inaugural race.

Crossing the Arkansas River no less than 6 times, (I always love crossing rivers) the course meanders through downtown Wichita and through or around several parks as well. I am excited to have been asked to be part of this event and hope that I will see all of you there as well!


TEAM for LIFE said...

Hi Dane,
Long time since we've talked. I'm forwarding this to my son, Tim, who lives in Wichita. He will be running with you.....his 2nd marathon and lst onebelora18 with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's "Team in Training" program. He was cheering me on at the lst Drake Well Marathon and spoke with you briefly.....I hope you enjoy this one.....the portion by the river is simply gorgeous.....
Take care and long may you run....
Elora's dad

Unknown said...

Great to meet you this weekend at the Quad Cities Marathon! I am Angie from the Iowa nuun team.

I lived in Salina Kansas for years and years and have family there still that we visit a few times a year! Salina is just north of Wichita.

42.....the meaning of life the universe and everything. Of course its a good number ;)

I am hoping to be in New York City for the first time ever running in this run!
Now that it has been brought to my attention that it is such a significant number, not sure how I missed that, I may try to get 42 in that day!

Joe T. said...

Sorry to be picky, but it will happen again in 100 years, don't have to wait 1000 years for it. :)

Hannah said...

See you in Wichita! (And, I'm a Team in Training Teammate with Tim - his Dad made the first comment. So fun!)

Chris White said...

10-10-10 will be my 7th wedding anniversary. Too Bad K Jo and I didn't get married 3 years earlier so we could celebrate our 10th anniversary on 10-10-10. Good luck in Kansas!