Monday, July 9, 2007

Well, that puts a crimp in the weekends plans.


From the website of the half I was going to run this weekend.

"Due to circumstances beyond our control...

9 July 2007 - Well, not completely beyond our control. We voted for them. The State of Pennsylvania has yet to pass a budget for the coming fiscal year, which means that, effective at Midnight last night, all non-essential workers were to be furloughed. Which means our beloved Presque Isle State Park will not be open. We (the race & club directors) shall make a decision as to when the final decision will be made, but a decision will be made some time this week if the budget doesn't pass.

In short, if the budget doesn't pass, we can't hold the half-marathon on PISP.

Other options may present, but (as the race director), I don't know if we can put an alternative together fast enough to put on a good race somewhere else. Should the race be cancelled, all registrations will carry to next year (no fee, no paperwork, just automatically carry over).
Please, do NOT call or email about whether the event is still on. Final status will be posted here on Friday morning and (should the event be cancelled), I'm going to be very busy calling all participants (or emailing if I have valid emails) to tell them the status. Thank you."

Thank you government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

I am beginning to think I am a jinx to the races I run this year! Look at my schedule to the right. DO NOT run those races!

ADDENDUM: The gubment realized that putting 24,000 VOTERS out of work was probably not wise and passed the budget this morning (07.10.07). The race goes on.


Anne C said...

Dems are awesome! Except that they're not. Sorry this happened to you, Danetron.

Amy said...

Bummer :(