Monday, December 3, 2007

Running/Walking Impatience

It has been said I am not a patient person. While I disagree with that premise (and will be happy to explain why) I do agree I despise wasting time. To be honest, I think while the trait may have always been present, I feel it has been exacerbated by becoming a runner.

First off, I cannot stand walking somewhere if I usually have only run there. Case in point, I was walking from the Metro today after lunch along the same route I end 95% of my runs. It was laboriously painful to walk this little stretch given it was taking twice as long as it “should” have.

Second, it annoys me when I can’t enter a building by the easiest access point. Looking at a guy in front of me who was walking into an apartment building, he had to walk 30 feet past the door and then turn back and walk to it from the direction he was walking, in order to get around a ramp and a waist-high fence. If this was the way I walked every day to get home, there would be a well-worn path up the small hill and over the fence.

Third, It is almost impossible for me to NOT walk the tangents of anything. This I completely blame running for as I heard from a runner who said if you run 26.2 miles in a marathon, you have run too far. By this he meant that you absolutely have to cut every corner possible because that is how courses are measured. Now I do it in walking to my car, crossing the street, going through a parking lot or anything.

Now, I can stop and smell the roses. I do not mind a leisurely walk for the sake of walking. And contray to popular belief I like to rest.

But when I want to “get” somewhere, I want to be there sweet. How sweet? Toot sweet.

Thanks Running. Thanks for making me more of a pain.

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Anne C said...

I will forever think of you (especially the disappointed look on your face during that conversation) whenever I hear anyone say "tout suite".