Friday, January 25, 2008

Feeling loopy

I picked up Anne from the airport this morning and rather than try and fight traffic after dropping her off and going back home, I decided to simply bring my running clothes with me, utilize her free laundry and run in her neighborhood.

When we pulled into her complex area, I noticed that the loop near her condo looked like it was about 400 meters around. So, out of curiosity I decided to check online. sure enough it was about .235 of a mile.

Sometimes I like to do odd things. I knew I only wanted to run a quick 5 and I had no desire to contend with traffic or go exploring. With the temperature being 22 degrees this morning, I was not feeling adventurous. Which led me to deciding to run 20 laps around this up then down loop near Anne's place.

boring or awful some might think but I guess I figure if your training sucks, no race can be worse. And to be honest, I sometimes enjoy zoning out and running loops. So, I put on my clothes and went out for a run.

When Anne wanted to go to the grocery store for some snacks for lunch, she snapped this picture of me in her little loop. We were going 7.5 miles per hour according to her car.

I knew I was about .02 short of a mile on every lap so just to make sure I got all 5 miles in, I did an extra loop to make it a nice 21 times around the block.

I never said I was normal.


KLM said...

Cute picture!
Five miles of loops isn't too bad! Better than the TM, right?!

Yellow Scuba said...

21 loops is nothing for you after the Drake Well Marathon. :)

Matt said...

Sounds normal to me!

Dane said...

Have we met, Matt?

Matt said...

Dane-- we have not met but I enjoy your blog. We do have a mutual friend in chuck brodsky.

I run a lot and recently have started my own triathlon-- check it out when you can...