Monday, February 18, 2008

Twas a good weekend for my friends

First Katie got her new PR of 3:16:0x and what appears to be a 6th place finish overall for women at the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

Now I learn that, on Sunday, multi-marathoning friend Rob Toonkel continued his blistering pace of running great times (his last 10 marathons have featured his best, third best, fifth best, sixth best, ninth best, 12th best and 16th best times ever) by running his first sub 3:20 ever in a time of 3:19:56!

Rob is known for shooting out like a rocket far too fast for what is his usual pace. I know I am not the only person to yell at him for doing so. but with a man with 120 marathons under his belt, it is hard to say I know more about his body than he. but with even splits throughout, split times from the Austin Marathon website indicate that he improved from 390th place at the 5.6 mile mark to 367th place by the 10 mile mark, to 333rd at the 15 mile mark and finished in 327th out of 5,134 marathon finishers.

So three cheers for my buddies! I am sure there are more stories from this weekend for me to tell. In fact, I am pretty sure my friend Holly Koester, (a wheeler from Ohio who I must admit I was shocked to learn her age as her demeanor, appearance and exuberance made me think she was 15 years younger and that's a compliment) was also at Myrtle Beach. But enjoy these tidbits for now!


KLM said...

Thanks again! :)

120 marathons and getting faster. Go Rob!

Anonymous said...

Dane, I think I ran with Katie for a while at Myrtle. At least, I ran with the 3rd-6th female finishers (and others) in a loosely organized group for most of the race.

- Dean

Dane said...

Looks like you finished just in front of her.