Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008 TREK USA Charity Relay for Kids

You may recall my post about Trek II. I was lucky enough to help guide a bunch of running adventurers on their way through DC as they ran from Boston to Florida.

This year I was offered a spot on the 2008 TREK USA Charity Relay for Kids which I really wish I could have taken part of.

You see, the Relay a 10-day running adventure through the six New England states from May 9 to May 18th, starting and ending in Boston, MA. The purpose of the annual TREK event is to raise money for The DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation (DCFF), which supports non profit programs that use running as a primary vehicle to promote physical fitness in children. And honestly, I can think of few better things to raise money for.

To read more, click HERE.

Because it is such a wonderful cause, I am sending out a message via my good friend Ron Kramer. Ron works for DMSE (Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises Inc) which organizes TREK. Ron is hoping there might be some people who might want to be one of the fundraising runners. to see the certain levels and the commitments needed, Look HERE.

So, if you are interested, get in contact with them. I cannot think of better people to work with on such a wonderful cause.

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Yellow Scuba said...

Oh, that would be so cool! And, it is a great cause to which we should all give some support. Our nation needs folks who will work to keep kids healthy! Sorry you had to pass it up, D.