Sunday, December 14, 2008

Autographed Books - Dallas White Rock Marathon

I had a wonderful time speaking and signing books this weekend at the Dallas White Rock Marathon. Signing from the SPIbelt booth, I completely sold out of the advanced copies of the books I was given by my publisher (and had just received mere seconds before the expo opened.) I actually had to start a sign-up sheet for those who came by on the second day and there were no books to sell!

Fortunately, I have another large shipment of books being sent to me very soon. These books will be available for all of those who were wishing to get theirs signed but cannot wait until I make it to their area!

This can be done by clicking on the "BUY NOW" button to the right here on my blog, or by simply going to Paypal sending the money to The total cost of the signed book (shipping and handling, signature and inscription included!) is just $23.00. As soon as I receive the books I will send them to you immediately from where ever I am in the country! (Yep, I plan on carrying padded envelopes and books with me everywhere I go!)

In addition to signing books, I got to see friends Bart Yasso, Dick Beardsley, and Bill Rodgers once again. Bart I had seen back at the 24 Hour race in Philly where I paced my friend Larry Herman in July. Bill and I were running together back at the Brooksie Way Half Marathon in October. But I had not seen Dick in two years. When I finished listening to his speech, I was the first one to greet him coming off of the podium. First of all, I had the unenviable task of actually trying to entertain the crowd right AFTER Dick. But second, I wanted to thank him for writing the foreword to my new book, See Dane Run.

My first thoughts were, with two years gone by, it might take him a second to recognize me but my ego soared when his face lit up and he exclaimed: "Dane! So good to see you!" Dick was using a pair of crutches as he was recovering from some knee surgery. You could tell he was far from happy but it never came out in his words. My best wishes go to Dick for a speedy recovery. He was signing copies of his wonderful book, Staying the Course. If I did not have a signed copy already I would have got one for sure.

Bart and I only had a brief time to talk as we both arrived at the exact same time on Friday. I helped him and his beautiful wife Laura carry some of his own book into the expo. Bart's is a great book that you should definitely check out. It is called, My Life on the Run: The Wit, Wisdom, and Insights of a Road Racing Icon.

If following Dick wasn't bad enough on Day 2 of my speaking, I had to follow Bill on day one. Always fun to listen to, Bill entertained the crowd and was telling them about his own book as well, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jogging and Running.

Bill asked me how my own book sales were going and was happy to hear that we would be seeing each other again real soon. Where that will be, dear readers, I have not yet revealed! But stay tuned!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. The people at SPIbelt were wonderful to work with and I was super happy to be able to help them spread the news about their fantastic product. They have many new designs and ideas coming out and I only see nothing but good things for them.

A special thanks to the White Rock Marathon people for having me in to talk amongst such runing legends. This thought does not go unappreciated. I hope that we are able to work togeher for many years to come.

To all those I met this past weekend, I really do hope you stay in touch. I hope the book inspires you to do even greater things and that you too reach your own dreams!

Run forever!


Yellow Scuba said...

I am so pleased for you, Dane! I know your book will sell very well, and bring a lot of inspiration and smiles to many people, from beginning runners to veteran marathoners. Congratulations on finally getting it into your hands!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

How much does a copy cost that isn't autographed?

Dane said...

Thanks Scuba!


With shipping and handling from the publisher, the difference will be about $3.