Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kiawah Island Marathon

Even as my mind is gearing up for races of other distances and disciplines, I am still adding marathons to my schedule for the remainder of this year.  And more ironically, many of them happen to be ones I wished I had been able to run during my 52 Marathons in 2006 but could not for various logistical or financial reasons.

As such, I could not be happier to say that while I prep to run my first marathon in Kansas this weekend, I am also simultaneously making plans to not only run my first marathon ever in South Carolina but also to be the featured speaker at the Kiawah Island Marathon on December 11th!

With four years of living on the eastern seaboard in the greater Washington DC area, it is quite funny to me that only after moving to the Mountain States region of our country that I actually, in just this year, will knock off  South Carolina and Louisiana (the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon, to be exact) from the States-I-Haven't-Run-A-Marathon-In list. Somehow, over half of New England, New Jersey and North Carolina remain. Nevertheless, now I will finally be running a race I have head nothing but good things about ever since I first started running marathons.

Here's hoping you will join me in running in the Palmetto State in December!

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