Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mother Road 100 rundown

This past weekend I was in Wichita visiting some friends and making a reunion of sorts with runners.  While we caught up, many were glued to my friend Hannah's cellphone as she was getting updates on another friend's attempt to crush is PR in a 100 mile race.  Long story short, that friend - Scott Hill -crushed his 100 mile PR by nearly 2 hours and took second place overall by less than 12 minutes finishing in 15 hours and 46 minutes in the Mother Road 100.  Fantastic work! (His running - not the website, which leaves a great deal to be desired.)  This followed up Scott's 2008 accomplishment of running a marathon distance or longer every week!

Me, 1st place, Mark
I then noticed that I knew the 3rd place finisher as well, one Mark Ott.  Mark and I met at the Running with the Horses Marathon in 2008 where he took second and I took third.  I laughed because the article listed Mark from Jackson, Mississippi - a mistake I had made as well once.  Mark is actually form Jackson, Michigan.  I wonder how many times that has happened to him.

Juli at the exceptionally hot 12 Hour SF One Day
Finally, I see that Juli Aistars, a pleasant woman I met at the 12 Hour Run in San Francisco two years ago was crowned "Queen of the Road" for being the fastest female to finish all three Mother Road 100 races so far. Apparently, if I met you in 2008 or you did something really cool in that year, you had to run this race.

On a weekend where I did no race of any sort whatsoever, it was nice to be able to sit back and watch those I know do so very well.  Kudos to all!

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