Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off to Santa Barbara

Last year I was fortunate enough to get in on the revised Santa Barbara Marathon and experience what was a very well-put together race.  In the weeks that followed, I was flattered to see that my quote made the billboards and postcards that the race put out to promote itself.  When the race decided to combine with an existing half-marathon and move its date, I was not sure whether I would be available to take part.  I had some potential plans to attend the NYC Marathon but when they did not come to fruition, I immediately went back to where I had thoroughly enjoyed myself previously.  I had given thoughts to making this a double race weekend and heading up to Fresno to do a race there but sometimes promises are empty.  You learn that a lot in this world.

Regardless, I am quite happy to be back in gorgeous Santa Barbara and am very curious to see how the town takes to the race in its second year.  And, like last year where I was able to help a runner set a new personal best, I may be doing the same again this year.  Last year's was unintentional and unplanned until race time but chances are good that Christy, one of the two sister owners of Running Skirts, may employ my pacing services to get her a nice new personal best.  As a good friend, I can think of few better ways I could spend a Saturday morning than lending a hand to help a runner get something they are striving for.

As I will also be at the expo all Friday signing books, I may jump up and give a speech to those in attendance as well.  It should be a fun weekend in Southern California and I hope to see many of you there!

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