Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Back to Cali - Fit for Business 5k/10k

I know I am both
a. old
b. may possible have too much random stuff floating around in my head when

anytime I think of going to California I am reminded of LL Cool J's "Going Back to Cali".  The first tones of brassiness at the beginning of this song were once an ex-girlfriend's ringtone and whenever I hear it on the radio I still have a Pavlovian response to reach for my cell.  Then I realize that was like 6 years and 5 phones ago and I settle back and just enjoy one heck of a song.  It nevertheless always makes me think of a warm and fun place.

I mention this because I am heading back to California again after spending a wonderful weekend in Huntington Beach last month.  This time I get to take part in an inaugural 5k and 10k in Bakersfield, called "Fit For Business!" I was looking for an opportunity to test my legs and see if they had any fast-twitch muscle fibers left as I get ready for as many triathlons as possible in 2011.  Contacted to help kick off an inaugural event by the Kern Economic Development Foundation to be their keynote speaker and run in my choice of 5k or 10k which would do just that was just plain serendipity.

Registration for these races will open March 24th, but I wanted to start getting the word out now for all of those looking for a way to shake off some rust in May, push your boundaries or just enjoy an Saturday run in Bakersfield!

Stay tuned for more information as it gets developed and check out their facebook page HERE for more details as well!

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