Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fox Valley Fall Final 20

About a week ago I found out I made it into the St. George Marathon via the lottery. First and foremost - Whew!  I made it into this race back in 2008 but had to pull out do to a work conflict.  Since that time, I have been aching to get back to southern UT to run this race. While the St. George Marathon does contain much more uphill in it then people believe, it does have a significant amount of downhill in it, which is something tailored to my specific skill set. (Read more about my feelings on downhill personal bests HERE.)  Nevertheless I am very excited to run it, even given my busy racing schedule in the weeks before it.

This is why I am even more excited than usual to announce I will be taking part in the Fox Valley Fall Final 20 Miler as part of the Fox Valley Marathon weekend this September 18th. Two weeks before the St. George Marathon, this 20-mile run is perfect for me to get in one last long run prior to beginning to taper for St. George.  It is also perfect for the same purpose of any other Marathon in early October - to test your legs on a catered training run. Of course, other people will be racing in this 20-miler (as well as the other running events at Fox Valley as well) and it will be fun for those people as well. 

How can it not?  Look at the scenery. Skirting the Fox River on both banks, the course should be nothing but idyllic.  In addition, with few of us having ever run a 20-mile race it is more or less guaranteed to be a new personal best! Nothing wrong with tackling a new distance to challenge oneself in an exciting new way.
Having said that, regardless of what distance you are running, I hope to see many of you out there at this race as I will be helping to spearhead the Illinois Beef Association's brand-new Team Beef. Continuing to answer questions of how I fuel myself in the best way I know how, I will by proudly telling all that I get the power of protein from lean beef. 

Come out and join me and let's enjoy a gorgeous run in Illinois!

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