Monday, November 14, 2016

Recovery Tips - Get Out There Again!

So many people take on races each weekend. They prepare hard and long. They give it their all.  They collapse in either joy or frustration at the end of the event. But they often neglect the most important part: recovery.

Given I have made a name at recovering from hard events, and I have the added disadvantage of Gilbert's Syndrome making that more difficult (ignorance truly is bliss on that one) please let me share with you a few tidbits to help get you back to the starting line in the most efficient way possible.


The best way to recover from exercise and strenuous activity is to do your best to stay healthy and active for the majority of the time anyway. Obviously this is not the greatest of help to those who are looking to end a period of inactivity or unhealthy habits but it is a simple law of Newton’s: bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Even if you are inactive, get moving. Today. Recovery will come much quicker once you lead a healthier lifestyle.


Humans are complex machines, and no two are the same. What foods and drinks work well for one might not work for another. But there really is no secret to food, for the most part. Balance your proteins, carbs, and sugars with vegetables and fruits. It’s not sexy. I call it the common sense diet. Personally, I feel eating lean beef has always kept me in the best shape by helping me prepare my body for the strenuous activity I put it through on a regular basis.


So much is unknown about how we do what we do. The old adage of picking right the parents to guarantee good genes is clever but can be misleading too. No one in my immediate family was a runner of any sort. There was no reason to believe I could do anything like I have done. Yet, I had the mindset to try and conquer what might be impossible.

I experiment with different sleeping cycles and training regimens. I do my best to shake things up whenever as possible. Mixing up life and keeping it fresh is the best way possible to help make sure each day is a revitalized and rejuvenated one.

And if all else fails, try a nice long run. It solves most of my problems. But maybe after you take a break from your last race.

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