Friday, June 22, 2007

Wait a minute...

I don't run a marathon until September?!

Feeling still particularly wiped out and in a general all around blah mood falling last weekend's debacle, I was looking ahead to some of my races and realized the next time I have a scheduled marathon will be September 9th, 2007 (which will ironically be the 252nd day of the year). That means, 88 days will have passed between the Dalian marathon and this marathon.

When I ran the George Washington Birthday marathon in February, it felt like it had been months since I ran my last marathon of Fiddy2. It had been 49 days.

I have to go back to 2005 when I ran the San Diego Marathon in June and then did not run another marathon until the Marine Corps in October to find a lull of this size. Granted I have a plethora of races in between these two marathons but damn that seems like a long time to wait.

So as soon as I can shake this damn sickness I am going to be on the roads again building up miles and speed. With this type of layover I should have no excuses come my trip to Erie which, last year, began the real true "running" of Fiddy2. Why do I say that? Well, on Grandparent's Day, with most of my family seeing me run any race at all for the very first time, let alone a marathon, I qualified for Boston for the first time during Fiddy2. Given the connection my marathons have to my grandparents (you wll have to buy my book if I can ever find a publisher for it) this irony was delicious.

From that point on, barring the disastrously hot Cayman Islands Marathon, the slowest marathon I ran was a 3:16 and I qualified for Boston 10 more times. Included in there was the 2:59, 3:03, 3:05 trifecta of Niagara Falls, Marine Corps, and NYC.

So this might be a lot of pressure to put on one race but without pressure what fun would it all be? Some people like to keep their goals to themselves so that if they do not reach them no one has a printed record of that. Well, eff that.

My goal is to run a 2:49 in Erie. Or less. Blam.

Good weekend and happy running to all.

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Yellow Scuba said...

I have a feeling your won't be bored waiting for Erie to come around. I hope the extra rest and training time are just what you need to reach that goal! The second half of this year could be full of all sorts of great races and fun happenings for you; I surely hope so.