Thursday, August 2, 2007

July Miles and Expectations

My goal for the year was to run 2007 miles. This total included race miles as well. I have never been a high mileage guy. Last year was probably the most miles I have ever ran in one year and I only ran 1771 miles. Granted, 77% of those miles were races miles (holy crap, really?!) which didn't allow for me to run mush more but it is still a relatively small number.

So I wanted to bump it up to 2007. 365 days in a year means I have to average 5.49 miles every single day. I started off slow in January which is to be expected after the year I had. Picked it up in February and kept going until July. Here are miles per month:

Jan: 119.50 (19 runs) = 6.29 miles per run
Feb: 135.20 (18 runs) = 7.51 miles per run
Mar: 153.26 (21 runs) = 7.3 miles per run
Apr: 170.25 (22 runs) = 7.74 miles per run
May: 200.25 (26 runs) = 7.7 miles per run
Jun: 211.37 (20 runs) = 10.57 miles per run

Then July hit. Even though I tied May for the most separate runs at 26, because I did no run longer than 13 miles, both my total and my average sunk.

Jul: 150.98 (26 runs) = 5.81 miles

So after August 1, I am 25 miles behind where I want to be. Saturday's 50k will help though. Plus I have to remember my own advice. It is the quality of the run, not the amount, that matters most. In June I had a few races that were just 1 mile. That hurts the average. I never ran "long" on the weekends like I usually do. That hurts the average. But more importantly, I have seemed to recover from what was a disastrous June (OD 100 and Dalian Marathon). I know an 8k race and a relay do not a comeback make so the 50k this weekend will tell a great deal.

While not easy there is no way I will not crush the time I set in my first 50k in March (under the worst race course conditions I have ever run in). So my modest goal is 4:30, my happy goal will be 3:59 and anything else will be gravy.

Hope that 94 degrees on Saturday (predicted) does not come with D.C. humidity. That would be blah indeed!


Yellow Scuba said...

Good luck, Dane! If you want to get out of that heat and humidity sooner on Saturday, RUN FASTER! ;)

I'm sure you will not fail in meeting your goal of 2007 miles this year. You will run three times per day if necessary.

Olga said...

Dane, thanks for your email. You have very good times and very good races and runs. Sorry about your OD100 DNF - things happen. Keep plagging along, and good luck at 50k this weekend!