Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let's hear it for my friends.

I had some friends who ran some wonderful races this past weekend and I feel they deserve some spotlight.

1. Todd Futa competed in his first full Ironman in British Columbia. Todd has gotten ink here before for not only being an excellent host to me during Fiddy2 but for being part of the glue which held together my Northwest Passage Relay team last month in the Seattle Area.

Todd's times:

SWIM 1:45:46
BIKE 6:55:58
RUN 6:02:43
OVERALL 15:02:24

2. Devon Crosby-Helms, who is making a ridiculous splash on the ultra-running scene continues to impress me and make me jealous more and more with her 3rd place female finish at the 2007 USATF Championships on what is described as a "long, grueling" course. Devon took on some stalwart competition in this 50k trail race and showed her stellar year has been nothing but indicative of what she has in store for the sport in the future.

1. Beverley Anderson-Abbs (43), Red Bluff, 4:42:32
2. Caren Spore (39), Davis, 4:48:25
3. Devon Crosby-Helms (24), San Francisco, 4:58:29

Kudos to both.. I am happy they are my friends, far more for their character than their athletic prowess but the latter deserves to be recognized here.

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Yellow Scuba said...

Congratulations to Todd and Devon! I am so happy for Todd's first (and hopefully not last) IM finish! He made Postfontaine proud once again. :)

Dane, your stories about Devon's running are always impressive and inspirational. Way to go, Devon! You seem to make it all look so easy, but I have no doubt that you work very hard for every accomplishment. Congratulations!