Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lewis and Clark Marathon

I love keeping stats of things in my life.  Places I have been.  Books I have read.  Races I have run.  My speadsheets often get made fun of but when I need to recall something that there is no real "need" for, I do have it readily at hand. (e.g., Average time for the 13 lifetime marathons I have run in May, including last weekend's sweatbox in Stillwater: 3:10:01)  I know I am not alone in this love for stats, especially in the running world.  But I even keep track of other people's stats as well, if what they are doing interests me.  That might be a little too much but hey, numbers rule.

I also have lots of running goals, most of them made specifically to keep me interested when I know that racing or running may not be the number one priority.  Perfect example of this is how, after completing my 202 mile run in April, I have definitely felt a slight case of the blues when it comes to running long distances.  When you accomplish something which takes up such a large part of your life for so long, there are the inevitable letdowns. this weekend was open for me to just enjoy some well-deserved downtime and focus on numerous projects (my second book, for example is close to being completed.)  However, yesterday, the opportunity to hit one of those goals presented itself and before I knew it I was signed up to run the marathon and do a book signing at the store of title sponsor for the Lewis and Clark Marathon in Bozeman, MT.

Now, don't confuse this with the Lewis and Clark Marathon held in Missouri.  Or the Lewis and Clark Marathon held (well, not this year at least) in Iowa.  (Man, Merriweather and Bill sure did get around.  Expedition whores.) This is a race in a town I have heard nothing but good things about ever since I was a young lad.  It baffles me to this day how until I was 17 I had not traveled outside of a 100 mile radius of my home but know have made multiple trips to the Far East and spent a summer studying law in Florence, Italy.  However, a really good friend of mine once packed her bags and shuffled to Bozeman of all places and since then I have always wanted to visit.  Now I will be not only doing so but also be checking off another goal and stat: my first marathon in Montana!

Living in Utah now for over two years, I am experiencing something akin to what I experienced in Washington DC: I rarely spend many weekends in the town I am living in.  I often miss local races and events as I am all over the country attending, well, other races and events.  I was fortunate enough to knock of a marathon in Wyoming in my first year of living in Utah and while I also ran a first time marathon in seven different states last year, not one of them was a neighboring state.  So, I am super happy to be doing my very first marathon in Montana at the Lewis and Clark Marathon.

Given the challenging nature of the race and the fact I am still feeling many effects from the 202 miler, I am not expecting much in the way of an impressive time.  I am, however, expecting to have a wonderful time in the Treasure State!  so if you happen to be running this race, or are in the town of Bozeman, please come down to the Fleet Feet store on Saturday and say hello.

Hope to see you there!

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Chris said...

As a native of Montana, I can say you won't be disappointed in Bozeman itself. It's beautiful country. It does have one major downside, though, that being that it's home to the Montana State University Bobcats. As a graduate of The University of Montana and a lifelong fan of the Grizzlies, I always feel just a little dirty when I go to Bozeman. Kind of like how a Penn St. fan would feel in Columbus or Ann Arbor. So, if you want to liven things up at the expo, show up in a Griz shirt or just yell out "Go Griz!" every once in awhile.