Friday, December 3, 2010

Partnership with FLUID

Back in February I met some of the representatives of FLUID at the Pasadena Marathon.  I was interested in the muscle recovery drink and what it could do to help me recover from all the various events, traveling and racing I do.  As I have tried it over the past few months I have had a chance to see the positive effects it has had on me.  I then spoke with more than a few of my very athletic friends who were using the product as well and was pleased to hear that they experienced many of the same benefits I had.  That is why am more than happy today to announce my partnership with FLUID, the muscle Recovery Drink!

At the Santa Barbara Half-Marathon last month, I went immediately from running the half-marathon to going back to signing books at the post-race expo. No time to even grab a shower, I was still sweating from the run when I was already talking to other runners.  As I continued this for the next few hours, I was happy to have FLUID by my side. I could feel it even more the next day when I went surfing for the very first time.  Muscles I rarely used in this completely different sport felt not nearly as taxed or weary as they should have.

You can see why I am excited to see what heights FLUID helps take me in the upcoming months. I highly suggest you try it for yourself and why, in its first year on the market, Fluid was awarded "Best Nutrition Product of the Year" and "Best Sports/Recovery Drink of 2008".

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