Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Mile Paternship

Very excited today to announce that the manufacturer of funny, inspirational and very comfortable apparel, One More Mile, is partnering with me to take some of the sayings I have used to motivate and hopefully titillate runners and put them on their clothing!

I have been working with One More mile since last year to put together some slogans which would not only tickle the funny bone of runners and spectators but also hopefully motivate them as well. With sayings like "It's not Sweat; It's Liquid Awesome" and "I have to Keep Going.  I Parked at the Finish" we are hoping to add a little whimsical nature to apparel being worn by runners across the nation.

You can find One More Mile shirts at expos across the nation or simply go to their website and order online!

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