Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BioSkin Compression Review

I have been wearing compression clothing in one form or another for almost a decade now. I believe that the products work not only with helping to recover and rejuvenate sore and tired muscles in between workouts, but also can help an athlete in a workout. But different companies have different goals.

BioSkin contacted me to review their product and I was a tad hesitant. I have one body, limited training time and often don’t like to be a Guinea pig.  But I thought I would give them a try for reason I can’t really explain. (Well, they are based in Oregon and I love this state so that is one main reason!)

I wished to try out their calf sleeves and compression shorts.  The other products didn’t personally appeal to me as I had not pain or soreness in my joints. Out of the box the calf sleeves simply felt different than other compression I had tried.  They are made of a blend of Lycra and a proprietary SmartsSkin membrane that keeps the pants from slipping, and all in a 1.05mm thin package.  In fact, they sleeves were so think I was surprised at their tensile strength.  Make no mistake, these compression sleeves are tight. I wanted to make sure I had the correct fit so I tried both the large and the extra large. I can see how both would fit and provide what you may wish to have depending on how tight you like them.

On top of wearing the product when I was relaxing I wished to also see how they performed when I was exercising.  As even regular compression clothing can slip and fall when in motion, seeing how it performed when matched against the sweat which is the Rauschenberg-3000, was a good test. On three separate runs, over varying terrain and intensity, the sleeves performed admirably. In fact, there was zero slip whatsoever. These sleeves stayed put.

As for around the home and not during workouts, I am doing as many things as I can to recover as quickly as possible. I have been drinking ASEA for 6 years. I have a stand-up VeriDesk. I use the FluidStance to strengthen my legs and keep blood flowing. I am about 6 months away from 40 and I want to keep setting new personal bests. My point is I am doing everything I can to combat what I bought my body through.  These sleeves felt like a weapon in my arsenal I could sue to do so. They were snug yet comfy.  Thin enough not to create too much excess heat but strong enough to provide support.   The sleeves perform very well.

Next up were the compression shorts. I had read reviews that they might be a bit too tight to do workouts in.  I have found that at least for running virtually all compression shorts are perhaps too tight for racing. Maybe not for workouts or running but racing leaves a little to be desired. While I did not try the BioSkin in a race I did take them out on a runs. For me, at least, they were not made for running. They were a tad too restricting for a guy who prefers to wear shorts shorts. But for sitting around after a run, that is another story. They felt comfortable and cozy, something I would not have thought given how seemingly tight they were during my runs.

I have found myself post-run, slipping into these for a few hours or so and my quads feel better leaving them than after I started.  That's about the best you can hope for from compression, right?

Their price point is a little on the high side but people used to pay $20 for one of those bands with a hologram on it for "balance" so who am I to say what you think is expensive?  All in all not a bad product. Check it out yourself to see if you like it.

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