Wednesday, June 1, 2022



I’ve been hinting at something big for myself for quite some time and yesterday I thanked many of you who wished me a happy birthday with information about an app that has been in creation, in one form or another, for over 8 years. Well, as I am nearing the finish line of testing and re-testing, and finally finding the perfect partner who echoes my love for running and safety, Heather Alvarado Rine, I am happy to announce...Sherpa.
What is Sherpa? Sherpa is the on-demand app safely connecting runners and athletes with personalized guides. Think of it as all the best parts of a ride-sharing app like Uber but put into the feet of runners and walkers.

Right now we are building our base of running guides, vetting everyone to make this app as safe as possible. We will be rolling it out in select cities soon, and then, worldwide. If you like the idea of getting paid to run, while helping others achieve their exercise needs, or you yourself can see how valuable it is to be able to run when you want, where you want, and at the speed you want, head on over to and sign up!