Friday, November 30, 2007

100 miles

One of my (relatively) modest goals for 2007 was to run 2007 miles. As of tonight, I have 100 miles to go.

Even though the next 3 weeks having me traveling all over the country doing project work for a company I hope to have a long-standing relationship with in the near future, I cannot see me not reaching that goal.

Of course, if I had finished the OD 100 race and had reached my 130-mile goal at Ultra Centric I would only have 26 miles to go. :) That said I was shocked that November was only my 4th highest mileage month of the year. It is easy to figure out why (low mileage coming into and then back out of Ultra Centric) but when you trudge 70 miles in one day you really think you might have a great month. Alas. As always, my mileage is hardly awe-inspiring but I know every single one of my runs is important and I rarely have junk mileage.

It is time to start thinking about 2008 goals. While I am not necessarily shooting for it, I would not be surprised if I approach 3,000 miles for the year. With my plan now being to race very little and train much more, the miles may pile up much quicker than expected. Heck, it is a leap year so I get an extra day! That means I only need to average 8.2 miles every single day.


What races are planned? Honestly, none. I have my eyes on some but where my life takes me in the next few months will determine a great deal.

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Yellow Scuba said...

So, how many miles did you knock off on December 1? :) You can still meet your goal! Good luck.