Monday, November 12, 2007

Palindromic numbers and Boston Marathon Winners

I finished my run today and totalled up my mileage for the year in my running log and saw that I had an exact palindromic total: 1777.71. That doesn't happen to often.

Then I sat down to my computer and opened up this email.

Am Robert Cheruiyot the current winner of Boston marathon and fourth
in this year chicago
please can it be possible for you to invite one of my friend to your
race please i know its very late but i can be very happy incase you
wish to consider him.

let me know if you can agree to welcome him i can also be willing to
accompany him and to run 21km just as a training,all i want to do is
trying to introduce him to international running if it can be better
and if its possible for you to help me out to pay his ticket i can try
to pay my own ticket if you invite us.

We already have the Usa visa but we can need the invitation letter at
the airport

i will be very happy incase you offer to help me out

There is a completely possibility this email is fake. There is also a complete possibility he sent this to every RD in the nation. But it is still pretty cool to have one of the fastest marathoners in the world email you.

The question remains, does he realize the 2006 Drake Well Marathon was run entirely on a track? LOL!


KLM said...

How did you catch up so fast!?!
I was ahead by like 100 miles, but now it's more like 20. :P

Dane said...

Hopefully you will be behind come Sunday at 9am!

Anne C said...

For the love of spreadsheets...

KLM said...

Yeppers, soo far behind!
That's okay; I hope you have an awesome run at UltraCrazyFest!

We *heart* our spreadsheets!

klottey4 said...

Sometimes I'm dumb...I stared at that picture trying to figure out how that runner's time was a palindrome. I didn't catch up til I read the comments. Oh, well, I felt smart on Saturday... :)

cowboy jeff said...

How many Cheruiyots are there? Philip was the defending champ of the OBX Marathon in NC and Wardian placed second. This year Wardian won and Philip placed 4th.

Had I seen this before last weekend, I would have walked up to Philip before the marathon and grilled him about his "brother/cousin." Who knows, maybe Cheruiyot is the Kenyan version of Smith.

Gotta be a fake e-mail, Dane. Robert is a millionaire many times over, so why does he need help for a friend?

P.S. For a small fee, I can facilitate the processing of your entitlement to $300,000 that's being held by the Bank of Lagos in Nigeria.

Dane said...

It is not a question of money, Jeff. If an out of the country athlete gets an invite to a race, it assists in obtaining a visa they may not have been able to get in any other way. said...

We got that same type of an e-mail a couple of years ago for the bi-monthly $1 race in The Woodlands.

I was just getting ready to take a look at the weather for Dallas myself. It was sweltering in Houston on Sunday for the 25K.