Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Running with Fast Chicks

George Buckheit, a local runner who trains some of the fastest women around, set me the picture below. This is around mile 11 or so as the leade runners and I passed near the Kennedy center.

The ladies mentioned in my blog are pictured below with Lisa on the far left, then Alicia and then Kristen. I found out that on top of this being Kristen's first marathon (whcih she ran a 2:51 and won), Alica was previously a 3:20 marathoner. so she had a 20 plus minute PR. Holy crap! Way to go ladies!

(Pictures expands if you click on it)


1L said...

Love the picture! And to think that I could run that fast once.

Anne C said...

Ha! When I first read the subject, I thought it said "Running with Fat Chicks". And that made me think of you running with me.

Great picture! Ladies love the Great Dane. Ha! Get it? ;-)