Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holy swag!

A vast majority of the runners I know and love do not run races for all the additional perks you can get. For us, those perks are just that: perks. We'd like a nice finisher's medal and a wicking t-shirt would be great. However, we will never turn DOWN great stuff!

Well, I have become privy to some knowledge about the upcoming Boulder Backroads Marathon that I wanted to share with any of you who may be looking for a late September Marathon in a beautiful place. Besides running in a place so many elite athletes call home for its pristine scenery and epic training runs,

runners of the races put on that weekend are in for a treat.

*Brooks Podium Shirt – free, with BM logo on it.
*Same cool hat as last year, but it is blue this year. And waterproof!
*Free pair of Powersocks for ALL runners (relay too).
*Free Teko socks to all marathoners.
*Cool, powder-coated, Boulder Marathon/Avery Beer bottle opener.
*Killer medals, of course.
*Supported course, aid stations every 2 miles.
*Appropriate food options after the event.
*The support of the City and County of Boulder.

*And you get to hear me speak! Ok, that might have drove you away ;)

I hope to see you in Boulder on the weekend of Sept 20th!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. Someone ought to put together a site that lists all the swag from various races. I just Googled, can't find anything...

I might have to head out to Boulder next year for this one. Thanks!

Anne C said...

You know how I feel about swag... I feel honored that you have given me most of yours!

Dondi Leigh said...

Just watch out for a really bad expo and finish like last year...I don't think Jeff quite knows what he's doing yet, and having worked with him over the past few months on this race I would be shocked if he pulled off the race he wants to. The finish was sorely disappointing for having run 26.2 miles. Yes, I'm a very slow runner, but we deserve to at least have our names read at the line like everybody else!

I ran the Boulder (Backroads) Marathon in 2006 and 2007 and the "transition" year was awful. For Boulder's sake I hope Jeff gets it together, but methinks you might find better races elsewhere around Colorado.