Friday, June 26, 2009

Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame award

I am both honored and thrilled to make the announcement that I have recently been selected as a Finalist for the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame award.

Created “so there would be a place where the extraordinary stories of everyday people can live” the Hall of Fame is, according to Energizer “…a place where Energizer could honor those who match the enthusiasm and passion of the Energizer Bunny.”

Originally selected as a semi-finalist a few weeks ago, the people at Energizer have informed me today that I was chosen by their panel to be one of the Top 10 Finalists for this wonderful award.

Now, from here on out, the winner will be determined by vote. What happens if I win the overall award? Well, I will receive a $5,000 check, which I will get to donate to the charity of my choosing. As you well know, in 2006 I ran 52 Marathons in 52 weekends all while raising money for L’Arche – an international network of faith-based communities centered around people who have developmental disabilities. With all the proceedings of my fundraisings going to the Mobile, Alabama Chapter of L’Arche, my goal was to raise $52,000. Currently, I sit at $44,000raised.

If I win, the $5,000 check I receive will go directly to L’Arche Mobile, bringing me that much closer to reaching the $52,000 mark.

From now until August 7th, everyone can vote one time EVERY DAY for the person they feel is most deserving of this honor. I hope you can find the time to go to the website HERE and vote every day. Please also send this to all of your friends as well and ask hem to bookmark and return to that we can all help bring that much more assistance to an organization which so richly deserves it!


Ross said...

Cast my first ballot today. I plan to vote early and often.

I applaud all you do to support others with your talents.

Charity Chaser, L'arche. Somehow we need to get Dane to do a charity chaser for the Rocky Mountain TNT chapter.

Good Luck!

Teresa said...

That is awesome! What a fun award to have on your list of accomplishments! Of course, having read most of your book now I think you are a shoe in for it.

Cyberpenguin said...

Hi Dane,

Just letting you know that I've been voting for you every day, & have also rallied my friends & family to vote for you as well. Several of them have told me they voted for you, so I hope all of our efforts help you to win!

Don't know if you saw this post, but I hope it garners you even more votes, "Take A Few Seconds To Support A Friend & Vote For A Good Cause."

Good luck!