Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Francisco Marathon Speaking Engagement

After a whopping 60 hours at home, I head out tomorrow morning to San Francisco, the site of my 42nd lifetime marathon and 30th marathon of Fiddy2 back in 2006. With a time of 3:19:44 that year, I placed 148th out of 4021 finishers and got to spend some good quality time with some friends in the area, most who I will see again this weekend.

However, no marathon for me, as much as I enjoy challenging myself on the hills of SF. I will, in order to keep Pikes Peak as my 100th lifetime marathon, be participating in the half marathon race. Note, I did NOT say "only". In a speech in Lexington, KY on Monday, I told those in the audience that I am going on a personal crusade to eliminate that word from any runner's lexicon when they mention they are "only" doing the half.

For this weekend, I will be doing one of two half marathons the race is offering. My run will is called the "1st Half Marathon" and this course covers the same route as the 1st Half of the full marathon, and includes running on the Golden Gate Bridge. I plan on running a 1:30:00 and welcome anyone wishing to do the same to run along with me as I will run nice even splits. Let's have a party!

I am also honored to be speaking two times at the expo, both on Friday, at noon and again at 4 PM. Full Schedule HERE! I will, of course, talk about my 52 Marathons and while I do so, also do a strip tease until I am down to just a Fiddy2 thong. (Kidding. Sometimes I am just checking to see how deeply people read my blogs.)

I will also be signing copies of See Dane Run at the expo, both Friday and Saturday. I just received another new shipment of books and their crips new covers are just earning to be signed and taken home by eager runners and non-runners alike. Make sure to get your copy there!

See you in the City by the Bay this weekend!

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Sue said...

yes, people read. what color is the thong?