Monday, February 13, 2012

Partnership with Julbo

My relationship with Julbo came, as most things do in life, serendipitously after the fall Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City a few years ago. Asked by my friend Bryon Powell, who is the creator of (one of the preeminent ultrarunning sites out there) to join him and some friends for a post-show run, I was excited about the idea. It is always nice to go for a run with new people.  I wasn't aware that the caliber of people on this run was going to be beyond reproach!  Young phenoms, course record holders, legendary names and just flat-out awesome runners were on hand. By the end of the 20 mile run through some of the very trail that the Wasatch 100 run crosses, we were all quite whipped.  Me probably more than anyone.

During that run, however, I met a representative for Julbo sunglasses and inquired about what he was wearing. I was able to test run a pair and immediately fell in love. Soon thereafter, I was wearing them exclusively.  And I am very pleased  to say I am a Julbo Athlete.  I have been wearing different types of sunglasses in different disciplines of racing to test them all out and have found them to be lightweight, comfortable and (important to many people) stylish as heck. People really seem to love the Dust model I have worn in races lately and are always asking where I get them.  I am more than happy to let them know that Julbo is the brand and there glasses are by some of the top names in all types of sports. 

All told, I am honored to be a Julbo athlete and look forward to seeing the world through their lenses. Some of the models I have thoroughly enjoyed for racing include the Dust, Trail and Ultra.  The Alagna and Hike are quite sporty for just kickin' around and I cannot wait to have an opportunity to test even more.  Check out Julbo's full line and get your own pair soon!

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