Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PowerBar Team Elite

After easily one of the worst months of my life, February is rolling in like a lion with tons of good news. As I was nearly two years ago, I am once again very happy to announce I have been chosen to be part of the PowerBar Team Elite for the next two years.

As I take on the Graveyard 100 in a little over a month (and they really need to either change the name or shorten it from the proposed 102 miles), the Oregon Coast 350 mile run I have in April and every little training run in between, I am happy to have my PowerBar products for just the right boost at just the right time.   And seriously, if they ever even think about discontinuing the Strawberry Banana Gel Blasts, there might be a full-scale mutiny going on lead by me.  I will even wear the Braveheart blue face paint.

Regardless, with so many fantastic athletes representing PowerBar, it is an honor and privilege to be part of their Team Elite. Now time to go tackle the world.

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