Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shurky Jurky Partnership

If you have heard me speak about nutrition any time in the past half-decade, you will know I am a huge advocate of eating lean beef. It is healthful, tastes good and is the lifeblood of some of my most audacious of my running excursions.

It should come as no shock that I have been able to wrangle a partnership with a beef jerky company. And not just any company but that of Choice Artisan jerky, Shurky Jurky.  I met the one of the owners and creators of Shurky Jurky, Mike Shur, some time ago at a local Sunday Market here in Portland, Oregon. I like to support entrepreneurs and love me some jerky so we started a conversation.

When I told him how much I eat beef jerky during the middle of my ultras (a quick look in the trunk of my crew for my Graveyard 100 miler two years ago proves this) we got into a deeper talk. After I tried his product and loved not only the taste, but the entire idea of his company, I knew we had to work together.

So it is with great pleasure that I am announcing that Shurky Jurky is the official beef jerky of, well, me. AS such, I am helping the rest of you get your teeth on this fantastic product.  Simply use this promo code (SEEDANEMEAT50) and you will get a complimentary Small Bag of your choosing: Beef, Pork, or Turkey on your first order above $25. In addition, you will can use the same code to get a free Small Bag for every $50 you subsequently spend with Shurky Jurky.  It is the code that keeps on giving!

Now most of this doesn't matter to me much but Shurky Jurky is 100% Primal, Paleo, Gluten-free & Whole30 Compliant. If reading makes you tired click on over to this video to learn even more about this delicious and healthful product. Meanwhile, get yourself over to their page and order yourself some jerky now.  You owe your tastebuds as much.

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