Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Physiclo Resistance Training Wear Review


That is all I could think when I took the Physiclo training compression shorts for a run. I was Physiclo would affect me. I knew within steps.
originally thinking I would do ten miles in them to get a feel for how they worked. Almost immediately, however, I knew I was going to do a shorter run. I didn't need to run for an hour or more to find out how

So what is Physiclo? From their website:

PHYSICLO started out in 2013 as a project by a small group of medical students trying to find a way to help rehabilitate people who needed a "push" to reach that minimum baseline of healthy exercise. If it was difficult for people to suddenly adapt to an active lifestyle, then we wanted to bring the active lifestyle to them by building it into their clothes.

After talking with hundreds of potential customers, we decided to pivot our concept to creating functional fitness clothes to help athletes & runners train more efficiently. One of the main challenges with working out is not having enough time, so our answer was to make the most out of the time you have.

So that's great talk. What does it actually feel like to workout in? It feels like someone is kicking your butt but in a good way. The problem with trying out gear and drinks and nutrition is that for an athlete, you can feel good or bad on any day regardless of what new product you are wearing or eating. I experienced this in the Dallas Half marathon this weekend.  There was no rhyme or reason why I ran so poorly.  It just happened. As such, it is only over time that you can usually see what difference, if any, a product will make.  But with Physiclo, I could tell immediately. Taking the men's resistance shorts out for a run on a course I do approximately 70 times a year allows me to be able to measure my performance against the same run that I know by heart. I can tell when I am going to have a good or bad day barely a block or so into this run. When I wore the Physiclo I knew I was in for a tough day.

The shorts can best be described a weight vest for your legs.  A tight, compression weight vest at that. The shorts were a tad difficult to get on but that is in the design. Plus, well, I have pretty big quads. Or I am a fat ass who can't let go of the fact that he is no longer a 32 inch waist. One or the other. But once I got all situated, it was time for a test run. Without a doubt they were a little snug everywhere (and I do mean errwhere) but I had no problems with chafing during my first 5.25 miler. What I did have a little problem with was believing how much these puppies were making this normal workout so much harder. I realized the language above about making the most of the time you had wasn't just corporate jargon. They truly meant it.

As my run wore on, and I was getting ready to head home, the word at the start of this review came to mind. I can completely see runners using these to improve not only their running strength but core as well. Obstacle course racers and those crossfitters who like extra oomph when they are working out would love these. I would adore watching people try to do those really high box jumps in a pair of Physiclo. Once you have mastered these shorts, a pair of lycra or split-leg running shorts are going to be a dream. I liken it to my old swim team practices where we swam in jeans.  Take off wet denim and you suddenly feel like Michael Phelps.

But I did not wish to limit this to just one or two workouts so I wore the shorts over a few different types of runs over a few weeks time. Each workout completed felt like I had completed that workout and another third of another. I shook my head and realized I need to get these guys on the horn and become a spokes runner for them now before they head to Shark Tank and become millionaires.

Believe me athletes of all skill level, you want these in your arsenal. It can be our little secret.


Unknown said...

I have been wanting to try this but running is hard enough. Do I want to make it harder???!

Unknown said...

I would say yes if you are looking for results

Gianna Blake said...

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