Wednesday, December 9, 2015

VariDesk SoHo Review

I have previously reviewed a VariDesk standing desk about ay ear go on my website here.  As such I don't need to give you my background as to why I love the idea of standing desks so much.  Instead I can get right down to reviewing the VariDesk SoHo.

The previous desk I had was a tad more than I needed for just my laptop. So when I saw the new SoHo, I got in touch with VariDesk about their desk. Here is a quick video which can give you some detail about this slim sleek little number. If it looks simple, it is because it is. I pulled the desk out of the box, put it on my freestanding desk, pulled on the levers and was working within seconds.

Here is what VariDesk has to say:

The Soho is our smallest standing desk model, with just enough space for the mobile minimalist who needs a stand up desk that’s just the right size for their laptop or tablet and easy to move and manage. It’s a single, flat deck that’s 30" (76.2 cm) wide, and pops up or folds down in just seconds, making it a true sit stand desk. 

I've been using it now for a few weeks and absolutely love it. Because I sit and stand alternatively, I love how the desk is also blessed with a very low profile. When in the down position, the laptop is no more than two inches higher than it would be without it. That's some pretty posh stuff.

Now, while it is smidgen too bulky to be totally portable, I can easily see someone moving this from desk to desk in an office setting. It has 11 different settings that can fit just about every whim or height of person.  If you are a little taller like me, you can simply add some blosters to the feet of your desk or a little pad under you laptop. Problem solved.

The desk comes in priced around $175 which may seem a little steep for some.  But its sturdy design and cool innovation are worth the price. You get what you pay for in this world and if you want some quality, a few more bucks are worth it.

I could wax on poetic about the desk but it super plain, super simple and super awesome.  You are getting exactly what you see when you buy it and that is a darn good thing. Get one now and thank me for it later.

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