Monday, November 5, 2007


As you may know, I was in Mexico last week. I picked a random city when I realized I had one week to use my travel voucher and I went. I picked Mazatlan. I knew nothing about it and just went.

So, when I heard some guy down there say there was a marathon in Mazatlan I figured he did not know what he was talking about. I guessed he meant a 10k.

Of course, the way my luck has been this year, of course, I missed the marathon ACTUALLY being run in Mazatlan by a few weeks. (Click on the US flag to read in English)

Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dane,

Hadn't read your blog in a while and just caught up a bit on what you've been up to- awesome stuff! Congrats on a fantastic time at MCM and a really awesome PR! I'm sure you'll be setting even more PR's in the near future. I read that you're looking for a job and not having much luck, so just wanted to encourage you to keep plugging away. Think of your job hunt as an especially brutal marathon. There are high points and low points, but you've got to just keep your head down and keep pushing forward. I definitely feel your pain and frustration- I have been jobhunting for nearly a year, and it was a tough time, but the right job finally came along, and now my search is over, which is great. So I just want to encourage you that there is definitely something out there for you and you'll know it when you hit on it. Until then, keep on running and try to enjoy the extra time to train.
Good luck at Ultracentric in a few weeks! I was really hoping to do that one this year, but it just didn't end up working out schedule-wise for me this year. Go get em though and I can't wait to hear about it!