Friday, March 18, 2011

Sony Walkman W-Series review

I received a pair of the Sony Walkman W-Series for review recently and have to admit I was skeptikal.  Not because of anything Sony designed or how the product would work but with my own genetic design.  There is no secret my ears stick out a touch and as such, it often makes having headphones in while exercising quite the pain.  Now granted, I don't wear music when I run too often but occasionally it is a good pick me up.  So when I do wear headphones, I can find myself constantly shoving the buggers back in there.

So when I see a product that looks nothing more than a pair of slightly weightier headphones, which would appear to me to simply slide out of my ear as I job along, I have a doubt about whether the product will actually work for me.  I can say, after a run in the Walkman W-Series yesterday that I am pleasantly surprised.

As I ran around the hilly roads of Fort Yargo State Park with my good friend Shannon, I knew staying in my ear would be the highest test.  And even while I would occasionally have to give them a little shove (I like to have the earphones snug in my ear) they stayed right where they were supposed to be.  The volume on the player was excellent and the buttons, which took a minute or two to familiarize myself with (as I do with any new gadget), soon became second nature.

Uploading music to the player, which has 2 gigs worth of space was relatively straightforward.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what the magnetized portion of the ends of the headphones do but I think when they are together it shuts the device off.  To be honest, I haven't had time to read the instructions which i am sure clearl delineate that!  But that tells you how easy these are to use!

Of course, I still hold skepticism about how much Meb Keflezighi , a spokesperson for this mp3 players wears the product (then again some people are always skeptical about the products I use too, so I guess it simply will always be like this), but the fact remains I was quite pleased with its overall perfromance.  I cannot wait to give it more tests runs in the future.

In the meantime, two of my readers will receive their own Sony Walkman W-series as a gift from Sony themselves. I will be holding a random drawing tonight of those who are friends of me on Facebook to give those W-Series players away.

Others interested in getting their own player can also use this special code to get a discount off of the normal price of $60.  By clicking HERE, you can get your own Walkman W-Series for just $49!  

Hope you enjoy!


Chris White said...

I look at the picture of you and Shannon and I have to smile when I see the small red mark on your knee...

Unknown said...

I received a pair of the Sony Walkman W-Series for review recently and have to admit I was skeptikal. Not because of anything Sony designed ...