Friday, December 16, 2011

Active at Altitude - Life Changing Training Camp

 I have been extremely blessed in my running life.  I have experienced almost uninterrupted health with just the niggling of an injury here and there. Through my own speeches and presentations, I have spoken to literally thousands of people, heard their stories and have been inspired. My great fortune continues with some of the luminaries in this sport who I can actually call real friends. All that I have been doing in the exercise world for the past half of a decade was not just to see how fast I can get from point A to point B (although that has been definitely an integral part) but rather to learn as much as possible, explore what the body can do, give and receive information from athletes of all abilities and soak all of it in. My desire has been about more than just being an active participant in the sports I love but to give back what I have learned.  I have always said that knowledge not shared is wasted.

That is why I am able to announce, with the utmost of pleasure, I have been asked to host one of Terry Chiplin’s Active at Altitude Running Camps, set to take place from May 13 to May 18, 2012 in stunning Estes Park, Colorado.

I have spent some time in Estes Park already and cannot wait to be back there again just a few weeks shy of my 36th birthday. More information about the camp, prices and everything else can be found on the Active at Altitude website To be working with Terry, who has conducted dozens of these camps, is a treat and an honor. Terry and I have been working on this camp for months and will be giving campers an experience they will never forget.

So start planning your schedule for next year and let us all teach you how to Refuse to Settle!

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Ryan Knapp said...

Terry is awesome. I had the pleasure of running with him and a group from Bear Lake to Grand Lake last year while out training in Colorado. Was awesome company and a great guy.