Monday, February 6, 2012

Partnership with BodyGlide

Those who follow my blog have seen how in a few races I have really struggled with chafing in a very bad way in some of my races.  One of the worst was at the Boise 70.3 last June where I tore up my underarm so bad, I walked around like a bodybuilder for a week with my arms sticking way out to the sides.

I had tried some different lubricant methods for this race thinking perhaps the water portion of the triathlon would need something different.  When I obviously found out those products didn't work, I went back to using a product I had always used and should not have differentiated from - BodyGlide.  The very next weekend, I participated in a sprint distance triathlon in Park City and went back to using BodyGlide (as well as a homemade remedy of packing tape - don't ask.) As you can see, no chafing and a third place overall finish.

That is why I am more than happy to announce my partnership with BodyGlide and how they will be the official sports lubricant of all my upcoming races.  With a 100 miler coming up at the Graveyard 100 in March and my 350 miler on the Oregon Coast in April, I am going to need to think about chafing as little as possible.  With so many other tiny aspects to worry about, I do not wish to even spend a moment of time wondering whether I am going to be bleeding from unseemly places again. I will be able to race with peace of mind knowing that BodyGlide has me covered - literally!


jamesk said...

I never leave home without Body Glide. Has been in my bag for 6 years now.

Brian said...

BodyGlide is good stuff. The only thing that went right for me at the Philly marathon is that I didn't chafe at all!