Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On the Shelf

Last week I wrote about a bike accident I had and how I was going to power-through.  Well, I was wrong. I based my "power-through" philosophy on a apparently misread X-ray. Originally told I was bonebreak free, I assumed the lingering pain and soreness in my shoulder was just bruising and its ilk which would go away with some TLC. However, at the behest of my doctor (who unfortunately doesn't  live where I got the x-rays done) I did some follow-up x-rays as well as an MRI. The result?

Well, as far as the shoulder area goes, I broke my clavicle, I fractured my coracoid process of the scapula (shoulderblade), I fractured my acromion, I tore part of joint capsule of the shoulder (glenoid labrum), and came close to rupturing my biceps tendon. I know - That's it?!

Even while I was flattered at the amazement of the doctor as to how I broke the coracoid process ("I get 40 patients in here a month and I have seen like 4 breaks of that bone in the past 18 months") I have always been the sort who appreciates underwhelming a doctor whenever I go in for a check-up. Best to not be remembered for how bad you messed up something.

The good news is that there is no damage to the rotator cuff and as for now, the tear in the joint capsule will not require surgery. The bad news is that I am supposed to layoff activity for about 8 weeks. This means that I am undoubtedly not doing the entire Ironman 70.3 this weekend with Idaho Team Beef, and my idea to run something fun and interesting with the Ohio Team Beef in Canton next weekend will be curtailed.

However, I will use this time to try and recharge my batteries the best I can, even though I know I will lose a ton of fitness in the next two months. Fortunately, my travel schedule will stay light so I will be able to stay home a little bit more, focus on eating lots of lean beef to help speed the recovery process and focus on the comeback.

I purposefully schedule most of July and August to be race free in order to prepare for a move and get some training in.  I will now use that time to heal up and, well, try to get some training in.  I still have a full docket of races for the fall with some still to add.  I plan to come back stronger and more fit than I have been in years, breaking PRs and setting new and higher goals along the way.

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