Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Proteins over Carbs

I have been working with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for over two years in some capacity or another as a spokesrunner. This title was coined by Daren Williams, Executive Director, Communications at NCBA to illustrate how I have taken it upon myself to educate people about the healthful benefits of eating lean beef as well as dispel myths, rumors, half-truths and just oodles of stupidity and ignorance about the beef industry.

So when one of the biggest proponents of the carb-loading phase comes out and says “Whoops, maybe add some protein in there as well” it is nice that people are taking notice. Tim Noakes, who wrote the book Lore of Running, has said you can go ahead and tear out the chapter in that book about nutrition as he has done an about-face. Read more here.

The 29 cuts of lean beef, which each contain over 51% of the protein a person needs in their diet daily, in just 3 small ounces netting barely 150 calories, fall smack dab in the middle of that protein-rich diet Noakes is now promoting. This goes right in line with what I have been saying for years. Why was I able to run 350 miles in 7 days up the Oregon Coast this past spring? Well, hard work, dedication and training definitely helped. So has a lifelong diet of lean beef.

So do I eschew carbs and the traditional runner’s diet of pasta?  Of course not! I love pasta. Always have. But I like my pasta to have protein in it. I also have always been against the "carb-bloating" diet that so many runners fall prey to. In fact, I touch on the carb-eating frenzy in Chapter 19 of my new book and why so many get it wrong. 

My point is not to deplete anything. Eating a healthful balance of carbs, fats AND protein is the key. But more over, get that protein from a delicious source that also has the right balance of calories and nutrients (zinc and iron on top of all that protein, just to name a few!)

In other words, go get yourself a nice juicy streak. I’ll join you. I am guessing Noakes will as well.

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