Monday, February 4, 2013

Product Review: KLINGG

At the ING Miami Marathon expo last weekend, the developers of KLINGG presented me with one of their products. The wearable magnet they thought I might like is a holder for your earphone cord.  Its mission is to keep the cord from getting in your way while you run.  I told them I do not listen to music too often when I run but occasionally I do and would be at least interested in what they had to offer.

Lo and behold the other day I had one of those mornings when getting out and running was about last on my desired things to do list.  I knew running with music would help the 12 miler go by a tad faster.  So I unwrapped the KLINGG and figured out how to put it on me. (For a simple video demonstration of how the product works, click HERE.)  It took no time at all to get it together and on my clothing.  I slipped the cord in, played with it a bit to find the optimum slack for head swiveling and away I went.

As the product claims, it is very lightweight and does its job very effectively.  I was hoping by holding the headphone wire in place more securely it would keep the headphones from falling out of my ears.  While no headphones will stay in as tightly as I would like, without an aid, I found stabilizing the wire did indeed allow the number of times I had to reach up and shove the headphones back into my ear canals to decrease.

The design is very well put together with an extremely powerful magnet to hold the two pieces together. In addition, the side portion of the device are also magnetic meaning it will hold most headphones on either side when not in use.

Is it something you need? Probably not.  In fact, there are few running products you need.  Will it make your life easier if and when you wear headphones?  I think it will.

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Bekele said...

"While no headphones will stay in as tightly as I would like, without an aid"

Ehm...why not do as many many many other runners and use these?