Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have been wearing ROAD ID in some form or another for 8 years and counting now. For most of that time I have been working with Road ID to get the word out about how those who exercise need to make sure that if an accident were to happen to them, not only will those trying to help them have the information they need to assist in their well-being but those who care about you will be notified of your circumstances.

Even before I was featured in one of their advertisements back in 2007 for running 52 Marathons in 52 weekends, I was all harping on friends to carry identification with them. I heard all the excuses. I refuted them all and did my best to  being forward thinking with regard to your own safety. As a continuing member of a select group called Team Road ID that is something I still do to this day.

More than just the bands Road ID has made famous, they offer various other safety products as well to help and try to make their ID bracelets as unnecessary as possible.The entire Firefly line is meant to make you eye-catching as possible to anything which may potentially harm you when you are out and about.

I look forward to working with Road ID for years to come, helping to spread the word about not only what a wonderful product they make, but the exceptional customer service put forth by a company started by a father and son team-both who work with the company to this day. It is no surprise that I was wearing a ROAD ID shirt during my solo running of the 202 mile American Odyssey Relay.

If you find yourself wondering if you need Road ID, you only have to ask yourself one simple question: Do they call them accidents because you are able to foresee and stop them?

Get your Road ID on.

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