Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Camelbak Rogue Review

I have been reviewing some Camelbak products for the past few months. (See here, here, here and somewhat here in my Lake of Death Relay recap.) As one of the newest athletes to the Camelbak stable I am trying to review as many different Camelbak products as possible.  I am wearing some of the products in non-tradtional ways, such as the Camelbak Powderbak vest, normally meant for winter running, in the summer to try them out in every possible venue (I will be reviewing that soon after I give it some proper cold weather testing). Today, I will give you my thoughts on the Rogue.

The Rogue is traditionally a mountain bikers pack. I don't much mountain bike (as in I think I have done it once at the X-Trifecta Winter Triathlon) so I wanted to see how well-suited it would be on some traditional runs. I took it on three separate and varied runs to watch how it performed.  The first was a nice 9 miler taking me about an hour. This run is pretty straightforward and doesn't include a great deal of turning or jostling.  The second run was an up and down run of Mt. Tabor in Portland.  Given the nature of the climb and descent it puts the pack in different positions. Finally, I took it on a quick run in Laurelhurst Park, meant to jostle the pack by having me pumping my arms and changing my stride. The Rogue completely surprised me.

Virtually every pack I wear seems to irritate my neck on the left a little bit. This has to do with everything I have ever worn.  Undoubtedly my left arm does something a tad different and off-kilter. I have just come to expect it a little bit and adjust my shirt or whatnot accordingly.  However, with the Rogue, there wasn't a hint of irritation. On all three runs it left nothing but skin that was dolphin smooth (like Abraham in Walking Dead).  Big thumbs up here.

The two-liter pack has just about enough reserves for a two hour bike ride, give or take (according to its description and other reviews I have read.) It is definitely a slimmed down pack with no a large amount of storage space. Again, this should be no surprise to anyone as that is what it is touted for: sleek and light. (From the website: DESIGNED TO CARRY: Multi-tool, pump, spare tube, phone, wallet, keys.)

The zippered space is somewhat limited but there are two large mesh pockets on either side. Obviously on a run the need for pockets is greatly diminished but this seems to be more than adequate storage for a short ride.  If you need more, than maybe your ride is too long and a different pack would suit you better.I think it was overall well-designed for what its intended use was and think you will as well.

Here are some products specs for you:
* Hydration Capacity: 70 oz / 2 L
* Total Capacity: 183 cu in/ 3L+ 2L Reservoir
* Total Weight: 9.17 oz / 0.26 kg (pack only)
* Dimensions: 15.5 X 10 X 5.875 in / 39.5 x 25.5 x 15 cm
* Torso Length: 13 in / 33 cm
* Materials: Air Mesh

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