Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Powerbar - Team Elite

Last week, I found out I had been accepted to be a member of PowerBar's Team Elite™.  To quote from PowerBar's own website, the Team Elite™  program is "our grassroots athletic ambassador program that supports athletes, coaches and other athletic influencers."

I remember back when I got my braces during the middle of my 52 Marathons in 52 weeks, one of my biggest laments was that I could no longer eat my pre-race PowerBar (found that out the morning of the Delaware Marathon when my tender teeth almost made me cry when I mistakenly try to tear away at the Powerbar yumminess.)  So now to be able to not only enjoy a product I found wonderful to start my races off with, but to be included as one of the "influencers" out there on the racing circuit is indeed a combination of many good things.

In fact, it was my eating of PowerBar Gel Blasts energy chews (the strawberry banana ones) which helped me power on to my course-record setting performance at the Iron Horse 50 miler.

As such, it goes without saying (but I am saying it nonetheless!) this is both an honor and a privilege and I am extremely happy to be amongst other athletes like Josh Cox, Lauren Fleshman, and the unbelievably inspirational Brian Boyle.

Just like these superb athletes, I look forward to continuing to do all I can to making a difference in people's lives by being a positive, athletic role model.

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jb said...

congratulations, dane! you will brilliantly represent powerbar team elite!