Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Future Run

Runners have always been a little...different. Sometimes we can be a little insufferable with our talk of all the races we run or vertical feet we have climbed. You may tire of our 26.2 stickers or our constant need to hydrate and lube our unmentionables.  But for the most part we do fun things.

With the advent of tracking technology, those fun things often come in the ways of what we draw with the routes we run. At least three different people have proposed to their loved ones with the routes they ran. (I guess that says something about both ingenuity and the desire to make sure other people know how creative you think you are that these make their way to the public.)
That said, I will admit I have also joined in the fun with a couple of different routes myself including one that professes my love for running, how much I heart Oregon, and if you don't like it, talk to the hand.

Absolutely, running can be a little tiring at sometimes and there is nothing wrong with spicing it up with some funnery out on the course.

Which is why I am proposing that on Oct 21st, 2015, we all pay homage to Back to The Future and the fact that it will be the day that Marty McFly flew to in Back to the Future and its sequel. Once you get over the shock that this date which was 30 years in the future is Wednesday, think about how much fun you can have. Forget 1.21 gigawatts. Run 12.1 miles (or kilometers, if you'd like.)  The run doesn't have to draw the DeLorean (but seriously, if you do that, I will probably find a way to give you a prize of some sort.) or be all that inventive. It will just be a fun way to get in some miles, connect yourself further to your running brethern and, burn off about 1500 calories.

So, where Doc Brown was going they don't need roads, we are runners and we need something under out feet.  Go get yours and share it with me!

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