Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Heart Running

When I finally made the decision to move to Portland this spring, one I had been debating for years, it was because of a multitude of factors. Unfortunately, some of them did not happen the way I wanted to and if I had waited I probably would not have pulled the trigger.  But I did begin the planning for that move, made the move, and I could not be more happy.

As a person who loves to run so much, I chose a place of residence that had many different things. One of those was easy access to a plethora of different running areas. As my eyes scanned areas and neighborhoods using maps and realtor sites as jumping off points, I saw something unique about one area of one neighborhood.  It definitely had some odd curves to it.  I wondered; "Could I...?"

It turns out I could. So I went on a run that looks like the following.

Given that I routed this course before moving to Portland, and before my recent bike accident, it is pretty poignant that my first run back of any real length was this exact run. I sure do love running and I sure do love Portland. Having had the former taken away for me for even a short period of time drove that point home ever harder.

If you are in the Portland area or plan on visiting, and want to know the turns for this course, just drop me an email. It's actually a quite fun little 6 miler in spite of all of the turns.


Anonymous said...

that's a runner having fun :D

The World Through My Shoes said...

Love it!!